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Manufacturer Description

Since every social network, blog or forum requires a username and a
password, it can get quite difficult to remember every account you may
have active on the Internet. Same is the case for bank cards and
confidential notes. Hence, it can be useful to store the details in a
single location and retrieve them whenever they are required, while
also keeping them safe from unauthorized access.

IDLocker is a secure locker app, where you can store your Login IDs,
Bank Cards, and Confidential Notes in an encrypted form. App allows to
create three different types of virtual lockers. You can set individual password
for each locker, or link them with one "Master Password" to unlock.
Isolated from the Internet, all of your confidential data is stored in
encrypted form on your device or computer.

Never again forget a user name, password, PIN code. Store as many
passwords as you want without worrying about secure storage. You can
create shared lockers for sharing with family, colleagues, or friends.
Stop filling in the same forms over and over. You can export all of
your confidential data in PDF form for printing and saving a hard copy
in a secure place.

It allows you to launch a website directly by simply clicking a button,
and your password is copied to clipboard, and available to paste
anywhere. In addition to managing IDs and Passwords, IDLocker allows to
save bank cards and secret notes. You can store your debit and credit
cards information, and secret notes in an encrypted form with the help
of this software.

uses AES encryption algorithm. AES is a specification for the
encryption of electronic data established by the U.S. National
Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). All of the important information is stored in encrypted form, and no one can decrypt it without knowing the password.

IDLocker has a support for many languages. It's graphical interface is
unique, simple, intuitive and different from other available softwares
in the market. IDLocker users are growing day by day and receiving very
good feedback from all around the world.

Currently it is available for Android devices and Windows. If you are
interested in Android version, you can download it from Google Play or Amazon App Store. In this version
you can share the data file between Android and Windows.

Future releases are planned for Mac, iOS and Linux.

How to Activate Product?

On purchase you will receive a license key from Amazon. Please launch
IDLocker on your PC. Click "Help" menu and launch Activation dialog
by clicking on "Activate". Enter license key on the
activation tab of the dialog and press "validate". On successful
validation, product will be activated and the activation status will be
displayed on tab.

System Requirements:
Processor:  1GHz or Above
RAM:  1GB or Above
Hard Disk:  50MB

Product Features

1. Three different types of Lockers to Manage Passwords, Bank Cards, and Confidential Notes 2. Army strength encryption algorithm based on AES encryption. AES is a specification for the encryption of electronic data established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 3. Support for all major languages. App can store data in English, German, French, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Japanese and many more. 4. App can launch the website from within the Locker, and your password is copied to Clipboard. 5. You can export all of your confidential data to PDF files in plain text for printing.

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