Mercalli V4 SAL+ (FULL version, 64-bit) Video Stabilizer + Dynamic CMOS Distortion Correction Software [Download]

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Manufacturer Description

The supreme in video smoothing & optimization is finally here. The cutting edge brand-new proDAD Mercalli V4 SAL+ device not just smooth's out video camera shakes and bumps but also gets rid of vibration jitter, skew, and jello wobble in video, triggered by video camera CMOS sensing unit distortions. Mercalli V4 SAL+ is really 2 products in one-- a remarkably improved video stabilizer that constructs on Mercalli's famous capabilities and brand-new fully automatic CMOS distortion correction innovation. It's all packaged in a Windows Stand-Alone application. So you get huge correction powers without the constraints of limiting video modifying plugins. Issue, finally fixed. The artifacts incorrect for "shake" are frequently CMOS sensing unit distortions that conventional video stabilization can not really appropriate. Resolution lost in the "zoom in" that other stabilizer software or on-cam stabilizers apply is now minimized or removed. Mercalli V4's brand-new CMOS distortion correction needs essentially no zoom-in and is fully AUTOMATIC. Correcting the CMOS distortions alone might give you the wanted video quality. If more correction is needed, then stabilization can be obtained additional optimization. You're good to go-- to achievement. Mercalli V4 SAL+ Highlights • Fully automatic CMOS distortion correction, requiring essentially no zoom in, which is many cases is all that is required to smooth video while taking full advantage of view area & resolution; • Effectively eliminates vibration/oscillation jitter from motors/rotors, and jello triggered by wind and other environmental conditions, even rolling-shutter skew; • Stabilization can be applied if required for additional smoothing of bumps and shakes with significantly much better supporting quality and faster making than previous variations; • New Dynamic Zoom stabilizer function dynamically changes the amount of zoom-in applied to remedy the video while protecting view area and resolution; • Greatly improved 3D (X, Y, Z-axis) stabilization corrects perspective distortions; • Exclusive brand-new stabilization method optimally stabilizes deformed video (fisheye); • New "Storyboard" function enable numerous optimized video to be arranged and exported as a rough-cut film without bringing into an NLE; • Simple clip cutting enables clips to be trimmed before processing; • Convenient Batch Mode enables numerous clips to be exported as a batch process, even with different settings per clip. There is also a brand-new "examine all" function for batch analysis of clips in the media bin; • New Forensic view mode shows detail on how the video camera was moving while recording; • Advanced CMOS correction mode for by hand controling video by removing certain frequency bands, extremely valuable in isolating vibration/oscillations; • New video de-noising & sharpen choice to assist clean up rough video; • Works with all video resolutions, including SD, HD, Full-HD, and Ultra HD 2.7 K, 4K, and 8K; • Full resolution preview and super fast rendering with full GPU and multi-core/thread processor support; • Export into market basic formats including HEVC/H.265 (. mov), H. 264 (. mp4 &. mov), Motion JPEG (. mov), and Apple ProRes (. mov). Dolby Digital AC-3 audio is also supported; • Windows 10, Windows 8.1/ 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista 64-bit just stand-alone application for optimum performance & flexibility as a clip pre-processing device or easy modifying tool.System Requirements: Processor
: Dual Core 2.0 Ghz RAM:
6GB Hard Disk : 33MB Recommended
System Requirements:
Recommended Processor

: Intel Corei7 Suggested RAM:

Product Features

Next-generation video stabilization with new automatic CMOS sensor distortion correction Greatly improves overall video smoothness and watchability by removing jello/wobble/skew in addition to camera shakes Ideal for video shot on DJI Phantom-type aerial copters or anyone using an action camera, camcorder, or mobile phone This is the FULL version of Mercalli V4 SAL+, current users of Mercalli V2/V3 SAL eligible for UPGRADE version

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