Poser 7 3D Figure Design and Animation (Mac)

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Manufacturer Description

Poser 7, the Premiere 3D Figure Design and Animation Software Brings Life to Any Digital Project with 3D Imagery and Animation. Poser is the requirement for depicting the human kind in 3D. Poser is utilized for figure design and animation by hobbyists professi

Poser 7, the Premiere 3D Figure Design and Animation Software Brings Life to Any Digital Project with 3D Imagery and Animation. Poser is the requirement for depicting the human kind in 3D. Poser is utilized for figure design and animation by hobbyists expert graphic artists. Using Poser, digital artists can easily create conventional art, comics, education and training products, movie and television productions, video game advancement projects, illustration and print media, item package design and Web and online media. Anything from Sci-Fi art to storyboards, illustrations to dream movies, artists can master the human kind and 3D characters to bring "life" to art.Loaded With

Poser has always been jam loaded with valuable, all set to utilize 3D material, and Poser 7 is filled to the brim! Leading the method are Simon and Sydney, the new male and female figures. Sydney and Simon are complete with animated positions, still positions, full body morphs, facial expressions and morphs, hair, clothing, light sets, and more.

Jam-Packed With Content Poser 7 also features:

  • Exclusive 3rd celebration material from RuntimeDNA, Meshbox Designs, Netherworks, Vanishing Point and more;
  • New wildlife consisting of an eagle, wolf and others
  • Extensive updates to the Poser Child figures with new morphs, textures and rigging
  • New Motion Capture Data, Light Sets, Poses and Materials
  • G2 Male, Female figures
  • Forest and Plants by RuntimeDNA
  • RoboShark by VanishingPoint

Lip Syncing Functionality New Lip Syncing Features
Add incredible realism to your animations with new lip syncing performance in Poser 7! Talking is one of the most challenging tasks in character animation, and utilizing the new Talk Designer in Poser 7, even beginning animators can easily make figures talk with facial motions that match real human behavior! With Talk Designer, you have the power to manage the type and level of feeling, enunciation, and head and eye movement consisting of the figure's blink rate. Import a sound file and Poser 7 will automatically stimulate your figure's lip, eye and head motions to match!

Whether you are an experienced expert or are just discovering the best ways to stimulate, now you can create movies or flash animations with characters that speak to include an entire new dimension of realism to your art. Talk Designer will work with many e frontier figures, consisting of Sydney and Simon, the new Poser 7 figures, as well as James, Jessi, and the Generation 2 Koji and Kelvin figures. 3rd party material creators will be able to supply configuration files that make any viseme-equipped * figures Talk Designer compatible!

* Visemes are the visual representations of phonemes.

Multiple Undo and Redo The Power of Multiple Undos Give your imagination and productivity a boost with Multiple Undo and Redo in Poser 7! Easily explore positions, change target modifications, and body improvements without fretting about making mistakes or having to save several variations of your task at every new turn. In Poser 7, you can return to earlier positions and develops, and can step back and forth through up to 100 recent modifications within your scene! Even actions you could not previously back out are now undoable. Several Undo and Redo is an amazing timesaver that can be applied on a large range of your document modifications, consisting of all actions from the Poser library, applying positions, or erasing figures and props from your scenes.

Faster Rendering and HDRI Support
Render up to four times quicker with Multi-threaded Rendering on makers with several CPUs. FireFly benefits from the processing power of the multi-core and multi-processor systems readily available on the market by rendering on up to four threads concurrently. This optimization leads to much shorter render times for the majority of scenes.

Render more intricate scenes than ever with new Tiled Texture Loading. Texture memory requires at render time are minimized to less than 10% (compared to previous variations for texture-heavy scenes)! Hard drive caching leads to greatly minimized memory requirements. FireFly's tiled texture loading system also benefits from a brand-new Texture Filtering approach, which uses a portion of the memory of its predecessor. Produce much more reasonable images with HDRI! Poser now supports High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) for Image Based Lighting and textures, giving you rendered lighting quality similar to analog image movie!

Poser 7 Delivers More Render Performance

  • Render in a Separate Process: FireFly now has the alternative to run in a different procedure from the application, which can yield efficiency benefits when rendering extremely intricate scenes. FireFly also lets your system handle memory more effectively and offers much better system stability due to the separation of rendering tasks.
  • Speed up Ambient Occlusion calculations with virtually no compromise on quality utilizing the new Irradiance Caching feature. You can set up Irradiance Caching for draft (enhanced for speed) versus last (enhanced for quality) renders.
  • Conserve more rendering time with Occlusion Culling, which allows FireFly to enhance render efficiency by disregarding invisible scene components at render time.
  • Take advantage of quicker Raytracing with FireFly's new kd-tree Ray Accelerator, which improves raytracing efficiency in largely inhabited scenes.
  • Take advantage of Poser 7's improved Depth of Field computation to produce remarkable outcomes in less time.

Animation Layers
Non-Linear Animation and Animation Layers Produce remarkable movies utilizing Poser 7's new Non-Linear Animation! Now you can utilize Animation Layers to separate the different parts of an animation into independent pieces that can be separately moved, modified, concealed, or perhaps phased slowly in and out! At playback Poser seamlessly assembles all the separate layers into a single, cohesive animation! Animation layers are supported by a variety of Poser's animation tools, such as the Walk Designer and Talk Designer, as well as the material Library, making it simple to organize and even recycle different parts of your animations.

Make your characters stroll and talk, and even chew gum at the exact same time while keeping every hair of animation flexible! Using layers to combine animations makes it all easy and instinctive - given that you are mixing various layers of animation, you can combine various actions. Click and drag layers horizontally to have your animation building blocks start previously or later on in time. To assist you organize your animations, Include in Playback permits you to conceal or include layers when seeing the whole animation. Your imagination is the only limit to exactly what you can create with layered, non-linear animation!

Poser 7 Delivers More Animation Strength

  • Manipulate the exposure of specific items within your scene, making them appear or disappear slowly or in an instant, all by just changing a specification dial with Poser 7's new Visibility Channel.
  • Achieve more with Poser 7's improved PoserPython scripting environment:
    • The new folder-driven Scripts menu on primary menu bar makes it easy to broaden, handle and utilize your Python script collection.
    • The scripting user interface has been improved to offer you more control.
    • The Python runtime is updated to Python 2.4
    • Poser 7 now supports the Tkinter GUI toolkit for Mac OS X 10.4 (not 10.3).

Powerful Morphing Tools Changing
Tool Add an entire new level of detail to your Poser 7 scenes utilizing new brush-like morphing tools! The new Create tab on the Morphing Tool scheme offers effective interactive controls for creating your very own custom-made morph targets. Easily "paint" dimples, moles or creases on your figures with simple strokes, just like you would with any brush tool. Usage custom-made morph targets to create much more vibrant facial expressions; to alter the appearance of bodies; to pull adhering clothing out past protruding body parts; to enhance cloth simulation results; and for a wide range of other uses too.

Using the new morphing tools, chosen areas or single points of the mesh can be pushed or pulled, smoothed or brought back. Start by selecting the size of the location that you want to customize utilizing the Radius control - little for detail work and big for wider modifications. Choose from 5 brush styles that vary in falloff (how the modification mixes towards the edge of the chosen location), from a really soft brush that mixes slowly towards the edge to a crisp brush that affects the whole location the exact same method.

You can also define the magnitude of your modifications, whether they collect or cap at a specific size, and if they act on a particular point or stroke like a brush tool. Make your modifications either in surface area mode, which will customize the mesh along the instructions of surface area normals, or in screen mode, which will allow contortions in any instructions you want.

When you are done, save your morphed Poser 7 figures into the library for later usage. You don't need to be an expert to take your scenes to an entire new level, utilizing Poser's instinctive morph target production tools!

Universal Poses Universal Poses Now you can use any position to any biped figure within Poser, regardless of that figure's joints or rigging, and see constant, high quality results! To save time, you can even take legacy positions from earlier variations of Poser and resave them to the Poser 7 Library, which will automatically transform them to Universal Poses!

Poser 7 Delivers More Control
Flexibly increase or decrease the worth of any parameter in your scene with Dependent Parameters. Using Dependent Parameters in your files permits you to customize several morph targets, deformers or any other parameter utilizing a single, master parameter dial. Now with Poser 7, you have much higher control in specifying the manner ins which your criteria connect as your figure is changed.

Organize your material much better utilizing Content Collections. Poser 7's new Content Collections allow you to easily organize your Poser material from any Runtime Library or classification into a single collection, giving you instant access to your favorite material without having to alter Library classifications.

The new Runtime Selection pop-up menu permits you to easily change in between various Runtime Libraries, without having to browse through the Library folder hierarchy. Poser's Library scheme now also displays your current Runtime Library name so you always know where you are.

Replacing light sets is a mouse click away. Now you can include or change a light set within your scene with a single click.

Z-Buffer Actor Selection permits you to choose obscured body parts without even having to move your mouse. This is particularly practical when positioning hands, in other instances where body parts are organized carefully together, or when two figures are within proximity.Universal Binary Delivered Poser 7 is delivered as Universal Binary, greatly increasing Macintosh efficiency on OS X v10.4. Native Intel Mac assistance generates a 300% efficiency increase on the most recent Apple hardware compared to Poser 6.

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Poser 7 Delivers More

  • Enjoy a lot more reasonable scene sneak peeks. Enhanced preview texture resolution leverages the power of your graphics hardware to offer you up to 4096x4096 pixel texture sneak peeks that reveal incredible detail - that's up to 16 times more comprehensive than Poser 6!
  • Concentrate on imagination, not repeating, with new workflow improvements:
    • Easily populate your scene with identical, yet independent figures. Now you can duplicate chosen items (with animation) and save time without the tiresome procedure of having to separately set up each things in your scene.
    • Conserve animated positions with walk courses or full body morphs directly into your library. In Poser 7, you can now store figure transformation and/or full body change target settings in a present
  • If you are new to Poser, new training resources supplied in Poser 7 will get you began rapidly. In addition to the Poser 7 Reference and Tutorial Manuals, on-screen detailed interactive tutorials will assist you through many Poser fundamentals. The new Quick Start dialog gives you access to a variety of various projects that can be seen through the Project Guide scheme. Knowing at your very own rate, you will be led through each step in your task, and have access to "watch-me" videos with comprehensive visual explanations of specific tasks.
  • More workflow improvements are included in Poser 7 too:
    • Design or stimulate from any combination of angles with custom-made electronic cameras. Now you can create new electronic cameras in addition to the default set, select whether they are revolving or dolly design, and see your scene any method you select.
    • Deal with the details in your design with precision and ease. Poser's orthographic electronic cameras (top, front, right, etc.) are now simpler to utilize and more exact.
    • Conserve time, directly create and include all light types to your scene with just two mouse clicks
  • Get a real sense of exactly what your result will look like as you work, without having to render your scene! Poser 7's Procedural Shader Preview can show the outcomes of the majority of procedural shader effects in the Preview window. Allow Hardware Shading on systems with high-performance graphics hardware.
  • Import your textures and images in contemporary formats. Poser 7 now supports HDR and EXR formats for import of high vibrant range bitmap images, as well as many other contemporary formats.
  • Choose how you want to find an object's associated files. Poser 7's Configurable File Search includes 3 levels of depth, Deep (for the majority of substantial), Shallow or None, to offer you the outcomes you want-- quick or detailed.

Product Features

Delivered as Universal Binary, greatly increasing Macintosh performance on OS X v10.4 Easily create 3D human art for web, print media and fine illustrations, film pre-visualization, populating architectural scenes, Flash animations, games and more Includes gigibytes of additional content to quickly start and learn to work in 3D New version includes lip synching, character morphing tools, multiple undo's, non-linear animation support (NLA), high dynamic range imaging support (HDRI), smart Quickguide plus many other enhancements Output human figure art in many styles, and export to other 3D programs

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