XeoPOS: Forecast sales using artificial intelligence, keep track of your finances [Download]

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Manufacturer Description

XeoPOS is a product created to monitor personal or little business finance info and develop a variety of different reports.

< br/ > It is also an expert point of sale system that utilizes Artificial Intelligence neural networks aiming to predict your sales.

< br/ >< br/ > This is essential, since when you can anticipate your sales numbers - you have the ability to prepare in more efficient way which of your products has to get more or less focus in the future. Simply puts, if the program predicts spike of sales for among your products, it might be a good idea to invest more cash for advertisements for this item or simply dedicate more time and deal with it. If on the other hand, the neural nets of the program predict less sales in the future for some of the products you are selling then you might require to reassess your business strategy about said item.

< br/ >< br/ > Finally the forecast deals with all kinds of products: it does not matter if you are selling apps, books, shoes, dish antenna or milk: it is universal.

< br/ >< br/ > Please bear in mind that the neural networks can not guarantee accurate and specific forecast. The program must rather be used as a guideline or academic interest regarding the useful example of expert system in the ERP environment. We don't guarantee, nor take any obligation of worse, erroneous forecasts.

< br/ > Other than sales projections, XeoPOS is something far more than that:

At present, 20 different [reports] exist for XeoPOS. XeoPOS also has a number of [rule sets] that enable user to automatically update their data with extra data helpful for a user.
XeoPOS has a a great deal of [filters] that enables a user to filter and see the data in lots of different methods. XeoPOS supports 7 different time systems to [view by] such as view by year, month or week and 14 different time [filters] consisting of perpetuity, last year, perpetuity to last month and more. You can also filter out [classifications], only show deposits/withdrawals or [writeoffs] In addition to that, you can also filter out any [accounts] and all of these deal with any report which this data might perhaps use. Finally, XeoPOS supports [spending plans], enabling users to see if their spending mirrors their budget or where their budget/reality is incorrect.
XeoPOS supports QIF and CSV file formats for [importing data], without any particularly needed csv format needed. Month-to-month budget data can be taken in by category and you can then see how your budget matched your actual use. XeoPOS also enables automated backups of your data so your are less likely to lose any info.

System Requirements: Processor: 1.5 Ghz
RAM: 256 MB
Hard drive: 50 MB
Additional Requirements: NET 3.0 or later (it must be consisted of by default in your Windows installation)

Product Features

accounts importing data reports rule sets Forecast sales

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