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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 software application brings web experts new features such as Live View, Related Files, Code Navigator, and JavaScript code hinting. Dreamweaver CS4 extends the web designer's scheme with Adobe Photoshop Smart Objects, the CSS-savvy Properties panel, and HTML data sets. Designers and designers alike can work faster and smarter with the revamped user interface and tighter Adobe Creative Suite software application combination.

Explore your code quickly while seeing the page in the real-world web browser performance of the new Live View. Click to enlarge. Change to Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Owners of Adobe GoLive 5, 6, CS, CS2,

or 9 can change to Dreamweaver CS4 for special pricing. Why Dreamweaver? Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 is an industry-leading HTML editor that lets users work the method they desire to work. Users can work with web pages aesthetically in Design view or hand code in Code view and after that see them under real-world web browser conditions with the new Live View. A range of technologies are supported by Dreamweaver CS4, consisting of HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, several Ajax structures, PHP, ColdFusion, and ASP. Dreamweaver works on both Mac OS and Windows platforms.

Keep in mind: Licensed owners of Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver 8, or Dreamweaver MX 2004 can also update to Adobe Dreamweaver CS4.

Leading reasons to change to Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

Live View
Style your web pages under real-world web browser conditions with the new Live View in Dreamweaver CS4-- while still maintaining direct access to the code. Changes to the code are instantly reflected in the rendered screen.

Code hinting for Ajax and JavaScript structures
Compose JavaScript more effectively with enhanced assistance for JavaScript core objects and primitive data types. Put the extended coding performance of Dreamweaver CS4 to work by incorporating popular JavaScript structures, consisting of jQuery, Prototype, and Spry.

Associated Files and Code Navigator
Click any consisted of file revealed in the Related Files bar to see both its source in Code view and the parent page in Design view. The new Code Navigator feature shows you the CSS source code that impacts your present choice and allows you to access it quickly.

Adobe InContext Editing
Style your pages in Dreamweaver so end users can edit their web pages without aid from you or additional software application utilizing the Adobe InContext Editing online service. As a Dreamweaver designer, you can restrict modifications to specific pages, unique regions, and even customized formatting options.

CSS best practices
Carry out CSS best practices without composing code. Develop new CSS rules in the Properties panel, and get clear, basic explanations of where each home fits in the waterfall of designs.

HTML data sets
Incorporate the power of vibrant data into your web pages without the learning curve of mastering databases or XML coding. Spry Data Sets acknowledge material in a basic HTML table as an interactive data source.

Adobe Photoshop Smart Objects
Insert any Photoshop PSD document in Dreamweaver to create an image Smart Object securely connected to the source file. Make modifications to the source image, and upgrade your image in Dreamweaver without opening Photoshop.

Subversion combination
Update your website and check in adjustments directly from within Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver CS4 integrates with Subversion software application, an open source versioning control system, for a more robust check-in/check-out experience.

Combine Live View with Live Code to expose code as rendered in an interactive state, like hovering over and choosing a Spry

data image. Armed with these details, you can quickly customize relevant CSS rules. Click to enlarge. Switch to CSS on the revamped Properties panel to quickly customize existing CSS rules or create new ones. Click to enlarge. Once you've consisted of a structure source file like prototype.js, code hinting for structure approaches and functions are immediately available.Click to enlarge. Adobe AIR authoring assistance Develop HTML and JavaScript based Adobe AIR applications directly within Dreamweaver. Preview AIR applications without leaving Dreamweaver. Get your Adobe AIR application all set to release with AIR product packaging and code-signing features. New user interface Work faster and smarter throughout Adobe Creative Suite 4 components with a shared user interface design. Toggle quicklyfrom one workplace to the next with the work space switcher. Leading new features of Dreamweaver CS4 Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 extends the reach of professional coders, designers, and designers with a full enhance of new features. Live View View your web pages under real-world web browser conditions with the new Live View-- while still maintaining direct access to the code. This new rendering mode, which utilizes the open source rendering engine WebKit, shows your designs like a standards-based web browser. Changes to the code are right away reflected in the rendered screen.

However, Live View is no ordinary fixed viewport. Trigger your CSS-based navigation to view hover states or pull-down submenus, and freeze your page at any point to examine the produced code. Dreamweaver CS4 integrates the appeal of real-world rendering with the brains of interactive coding.

Associated Files and Code Navigator
Dreamweaver CS4 presents 2 new features that will help you more effectively handle the different files that comprise the modern websites. The Related Files feature screens all the files related to your present page-- whether CSS, JavaScript, PHP or XML-- in a bar along the top of your primary document. Click any associated file to edit its source in Code View while seeing the parent page in Design View. Changes made to the associated file code are right away reflected in Design View.

Prefer to work at the code level? The new Code Navigator pop-up window shows you connect to all the code sources that impact your present choice. A click in either Code or Design View raises the Code Navigator, which shows CSS rules, server-side consists of, external JavaScript functions, Dreamweaver templates, Library files, iframe source files, and more.

CSS best practices
Carry out CSS best practices without composing code. The new CSS tab in the Properties panel shows the designs for the present choice along with all the applicable CSS rules. Hover over any home to view a tool pointer with no-jargon English explanations of CSS principles. New CSS rules can be produced and applied in the Properties panel and stored in the same document or an external style sheet. Dreamweaver CS4 even offers you manage over the specificity of your rule: Just click Less Specific or More Specific in the upgraded New CSS Rule dialog box to target your style precisely.

Code hinting for Ajax and JavaScript structures
Compose JavaScript more quickly and properly with enhanced assistance for JavaScript core objects and primitive data types. Advanced code-hinting performance assists you power through your code, whether you're including functions to defined primitive data types (consisting of Object, Array, Number, RegExp, or String) or DOM objects such as Window, Screen, Document, or Event. Dreamweaver CS4 also extends code-hinting muscle to your most innovative customized functions with assistance for criteria, class manufacturers, and nested objects, upgraded in genuine time as you customize your associated JavaScript files.

Put the extended coding performance of Dreamweaver CS4 to work by incorporating popular JavaScript structures consisting of jQuery, Prototype, and Spry. Simply attach the appropriate external JavaScript files, and Dreamweaver immediately shows code tips as needed. Integrated syntax error detection assists you craft the bulletproof code you require-- the very first time, and each time.

< td align ="center "> With Spry data sets, define

your data in basic tables, whether text or images, consisting of thumbnails and bigger images. Click to enlarge.< img src =""border ="0"style ="border: 1px solid black;"> The green symbol in the upper left corner of a PSD

file inserted into Dreamweaver tells you that the source file and web-ready instance are in sync. Click to enlarge. Adobe InContext Editing Enable material authors to edit their own web pages without additional software application setups-- and, at the same time, complimentary yourself as much as create more. The new online InContext Editing service from Adobe lets anyone who can utilize a web browser upgrade content quickly and quickly. Style your editable pages in Dreamweaver CS4 to retain overall control over the look of your websites. Then, simply designate the parts of the page you desire your customers to be able to change; all other sections of the page are locked, and editable just by you. Quickly set CSS designs to ensure entered material is properly and regularly formatted. Dreamweaver offers you the tools to create the best website, and hosted InContext Editing lets your customers keep that website current. (InContext Editing is one of a number of online services offered from Dreamweaver CS4. To learn more, see Creative Pro Online Services on page 7.)

HTML data sets
The lure of vibrant data is strong, but discovering how to utilize databases or XML can be intimidating. Dreamweaver CS4 integrates accessibility with ease of usage in the new HTML data sets feature. With HTML data sets performance, you create your data in a standard HTML table, a series of div tags, or even an unordered list, and after that pick Insert > Spry > Spry Data Set to incorporate that data into a vibrant table on the page, complete with sortable columns, a master-detail layout, or other advanced screens. It's much easier than ever, with real-time sneak peeks of your data-- both for choice and results. Spry Data Set also works with XML files to render information from RSS feeds and other sources.

Photoshop Smart Objects
Combination between Photoshop and Dreamweaver has progressed to the next level of compatibility and performance. Simply drag and drop a Photoshop PSD file into a Dreamweaver CS4 page to create an image Smart Object. Unlike basic web-page graphics, a Smart Object is securely connected to its source file. A little sign on the Smart Object in Dreamweaver CS4 shows when the source and instance are in sync. When you make any modifications to the source image, Dreamweaver keeps in mind that the files run out sync; just click the Update from Original icon in the Properties panel to right away upgrade your image without opening Photoshop.

However Smart Objects are more creative still. Let's say you have a logo design positioned throughout your website in a range of sizes as Smart Objects. Any updates made to the Photoshop file can be applied individually to the associated Smart Objects on a page-by-page basis, or to all them at as soon as through the Assets panel. Distinct sizes are preserved while the image itself is consistently resampled. Most importantly, the Smart Object development is developed on top of present Photoshop and Dreamweaver combination, so you can still copy image selections from Photoshop and paste them in Dreamweaver for a simple comp-to-layout workflow. Moreover, you're complimentary to rescale Photoshop images in Dreamweaver to fine-tune your design with no image degradation or revisits to Photoshop.

Subversion combination
When a collective project requires a group of designers and designers, open-source Subversion software application is typically used to manage version control. Dreamweaver CS4 integrates Subversion for a more robust check-in/check-out experience with file versioning, rollback, and more. As soon as you've defined Subversion as your version-control system, you can upgrade your website to obtain the most recent variations of its pages. Customized pages can be explored a Subversion repository directly from within Dreamweaver-- no third-party utility or command line user interface is required. Dreamweaver can also revert checked-out files or mark disputes as dealt with to finish the team site-building experience.

Adobe AIR authoring assistance
Develop multi-platform desktop applications from your Dreamweaver HTML and JavaScript websites with new Adobe AIR authoring assistance. Download and set up the most recent version of the Adobe AIR Extension for Dreamweaver to start developing engaging, top quality applications that work on all significant desktop operating systems utilizing your existing web advancement resources with Adobe AIR. For a streamlined workflow, you can repurpose your existing properties into Adobe AIR desktop applications without leaving Dreamweaver. Preview your Adobe AIR applications within Dreamweaver CS4 to make sure everything is working as created. When you're all set, prepare your application for release with Adobe AIR product packaging and code-signing features. Dreamweaver also acts as an Adobe AIR advancement platform for customized applications. Adobe AIR applications run online or off-- they can even be used to access a consistent data source occupied from your database.

Export your HTML and JavaScript applications to Adobe AIR directly from within Dreamweaver and run them online or off.

Click to enlarge. Panels, like the CSS Styles panel, can be quickly expanded to make adjustments to your websites and, with a click, collapsed to permit maximum screen genuine estate for your design. Click to enlarge.

New user interface
Work faster and smarter throughout Dreamweaver CS4 and other components of Creative Suite 4, thanks to a brand-new level of combination and common user-interface elements. A typical user interface indicates a more natural procedure as you move from Photoshop or Fireworks to Flash to Dreamweaver. Stack or reduce your docked panels to maximize your visual or coding environment; click as soon as to pull out a panel and expose desired homes, and after that click again to put it away. Work in new Split Code View to display your code in 2 various sections simultaneously, or pick the new Horizontal Split View alternative for a various perspective. Rapidly move from one layout organization to another with the Workspace pull-down list. You can pick from a series of predesigned designs-- like those for application coders or designers-- or create your own customized workplace for the ultimate in tailored work areas.

Creative Pro Online Services

Link to the power of the online neighborhood through your innovative desktop. New online services accessed from within Dreamweaver CS4 let you look for aid from the online neighborhood; share your screen with coworkers or customers in a couple of fast clicks; more quickly and effectively handle everyday web material updates; and more. With new online services in Creative Suite 4, you can take your ideas to the next level.

Adobe Community Help
Get the power of an online online search engine within your Creative Suite 4 software application, but with more targeted results thanks to Adobe Community Help. Searchable material consists of the thorough product-specific Help that Adobe has always delivered, plus additional Adobe and third-party material selected by professionals at Adobe and in the design and production communities. With Adobe Community Help, you can discover the focused responses you require, fast. (Internet connection required for extended material.) is a set of online services-- file sharing and storage, PDF converter, online word processor, and web conferencing-- that you can utilize to create and share files, interact in genuine time, and streamline working with others. Thanks to the connection between one of the services, Adobe ConnectNow, and Dreamweaver CS4, you can satisfy live over the web to share your screen, present innovative concepts and ideas, and brainstorm with as much as 2 online visitors for no additional service charge. To share your screen with coworkers and customers, pick File > Share My Screen. Visitors can then see your desktop on their screens as you work. You can exchange ideas utilizing the chat pod, add a live video or audio feed, or utilize the Whiteboard feature to allow visitors to talk about material. You can even momentarily hand over control of the screen to a visitor to team up on a file. Extra services, such as Share, Create PDF, My Files, and Adobe Buzzword, are available via your web browser. (Internet connection required.)

InContext Editing
Make your websites material offered for online modifying by others when you utilize InContext Editing. Offer your coworkers, customers or end users a much easier method to make basic edits without impacting the design integrity of your web pages-- and without aid from you or additional software application on their computers. Utilize the InContext Editing toolbar in Dreamweaver to set up your web pages, and after that utilize the sneak peek of this online service to allow content modifications by others. (This service will be offered as a preview innovation, and available from within Adobe Dreamworks CS4. Throughout this sneak peek, you can utilize it at no service charge. Additional schedule information will be posted to when appropriate. Web connection required).

Adobe Bridge Home
Visit Adobe Bridge Home-- an online channel offered in Adobe Bridge CS4-- and stay up to date with exactly what's new from Adobe and the design, web advancement, and video and audio production communities at large. Watch the most recent video tutorials for your Creative Suite 4 software application, listen to a podcast interview with a leading designer, or find out about the next training occasion in your neighborhood. Discover suggestions and resources that can help you work smarter and faster, taking advantage of Dreamweaver CS4. (Internet connection required.)

Part of the Adobe Creative Suite 4 family

Adobe securely integrates Dreamweaver into the full variety of Creative Suite 4 services for print, production and, naturally, web. Shared user-interface elements like retractable panels help with moving from one Creative Suite part to another.

For a total Dreamweaver web-centric option, rely on Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium or Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Standard software application. Web Standard brings you the basic performance you'll have to produce exemplary sites, while Web Premium includes Photoshop CS4 Extended, Illustrator CS4, and Acrobat 9 Pro software application to further fuel your innovative ambitions. If you're looking for a a full cross-media option to take material fromprint to web to gadget, get Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium, which includes InDesign CS4 in addition to Photoshop CS4 Extended, Illustrator CS4 and Dreamweaver CS4 among other components. Dreamweaver is also an element of Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection software application-- the ultimate bundle of innovative tools.

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