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Manufacturer Description

This is a new and organized method to sweep picking. It will concentrate on the right hand and its weaknesses when it pertains to sweeping. I'm sure the majority of you have actually tried to learn to sweep pick at one point or another in your advancement as a guitar player, and there definitely are lots of players who are masters of this strategy. This course is for those who need extra aid with the strategy ... maybe you are an intermediate gamer who might not get passed the basic motions needed to make your sweeps sound even and tidy, maybe you can sweep up with ease but sweeping down seems rather challenging or difficult, maybe it's just some licks that you have difficulty with, or maybe you wish to have a fresh make over, a new point of view on the strategy, that would enable you to better express yourself on the instrument and avoid the trap of always duplicating the very same old foreseeable patterns in the very same method. All these issues and more will be addressed along the method as you immerse yourself in the content of this app.All the exercises/licks in this app are entirely initial and have actually been developed from the requirement to solve numerous difficulties that appeared from the expedition of the different selecting mechanics associated with economy picking, of which sweeping is an example. There are numerous selecting mechanics that have actually never ever been checked out and are never ever taught. Typically the student finds out a few stock sweeping licks that are arpeggio-based and include playing all the notes in the arpeggio in an ascending or coming down way, never ever avoiding a note or exploring different alternatives aside from close-position dispositions of an arpeggio. No matter the number of inversions/fingerings you know, an arpeggio is going to seem like an arpeggio. The rhythm where these licks are typically played is also very foreseeable ... it fits very uniformly within the metric of a 4/4 bar. These two aspects have actually added to create a disinterest in the strategy considering that many guitar players played the very same patterns over and over and it became challenging to use the strategy without sounding extremely technical and foreseeable. In this app we take a different method: We work in groups of strings or 'string sets', and by doing that you get

a new point of view on the instrument. The idea is that by practicing the numerous selecting mechanics that we teach you, that are discovered within different mixes of string sets, you will be working your selecting hand in a very extensive way so that eventually the regular sweep selecting patterns will appear very easy to you and you will establish a very competent selecting hand without any weak spots as far as sweeping goes.System Requirements: Processor: 2GHZ Dual Core RAM: 1GB Hard Disk: 720MB Video Card: Any card capable of playing back HD video and OpenGL 2.1 Recommended

System Requirements:
Recommended Processor: 2GHz Quad
Core Advised RAM: 4GB Advised Hard Disk:
2G Advised Video Card: Intel HD, Nvidia, ATI

Product Features

Complete progressive practice routine composed of 20 exercises to develop the sweep picking technique Learn the exercises one by one at different speeds with animated tab and video at three different speeds Videos with right hand, left hand, tabs and animations of the picking motions Built-in metronome Backing track for the practice routine

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