Norton AntiVirus 2007 - 3 Users [Old Version]

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Norton AntiVirus 2007 blocks infections and spyware with innovative defense. It assists secure your entire computer by stopping infections, worms, and spyware. Norton AntiVirus operates in the background so you can surf the Internet, checked out the news, play video games, and download software or music without disruption. It likewise scans and cleans up all email and immediate messenger attachments, preventing you from receiving risks, or spreading them to others. With set-it and forget-it capability, Norton AntiVirus checks for updates constantly and automatically blocks brand-new and emerging risks from getting on your system. In addition to defense updates, Norton AntiVirus offers brand-new item features as offered throughout your membership period.

< br/ > Norton AntiVirus 2007 blocks infections and spyware with innovative defense. It automatically spots and gets rid of infections, spyware, unwanted adware, and Internet worms, and offers defense updates. Your purchase offers a complete year of defense with regular updates from Norton to fight the latest Internet risks. The purchase of this item consists of licences for 3 individual users.

The 2007 variation includes the brand-new Security History feature to let you evaluate detections and other actions taken by Norton AntiVirus. Also brand-new for this release is Cookie Tracking Support, which gives you the ability to remove detected tracking cookies.

The enhanced user interface in AntiVirus 2007 consists of a hassle-free, central location where you can evaluate detections, products repaired, and action needed. View larger.

The brand-new Security History is a hassle-free, central location where you can evaluate detections and other actions taken by Norton AntiVirus. Anti-virus 2007 continues to provide Auto-Protect, Worm Blocking and more signals. It likewise offers the option to allow Norton AntiVirus to automatically take action or be signaled prior to doing something about it. This "set-it-and-forget-it" option lets you view signals when you wish to, so you can let Norton AntiVirus care for the rest. At your benefit you can check out the Security History to view detections made and actions currently taken by Norton AntiVirus.

Tracking Cookie Support is likewise brand-new for AntiVirus 2007. Upon scanning the system, tracking cookies will be detected and you will have the option to erase tracking cookies or ignore them. For some sites, you might wish to allow cookies so that you don't have to sign into the website each time you visit it. However other cookies you might wish to erase, such as those from third-party advertisers.

Internet Worm Protection has actually been boosted for 2007 so that it now secures versus entire classifications of spyware, infections, worms and Trojan horse programs. Rather than block separately recognized risks, this feature now matches individual but unknown risks to recognized worm and virus households and blocks them from installing on the system without requiring specific virus or worm signatures, providing you zero-hour defense. This technology assists secures versus brand-new spyware, infections and worm risks prior to they are even created.

Rootkit defense has actually been enhanced for AntiVirus 2007 to better defend against concealed risks such as rootkits, a kind of virus that displays no noticeable signs in order to avert detection. Previous versions of Norton AntiVirus currently secure versus user mode and application level rootkits. Leveraging VxMS technology gotten by Symantec through its merger with Veritas, Symantec has actually increased detection of emerging stealth risks by consisting of patent-pending rootkit defense at the inmost level within the os. This secures versus kernel mode rootkits that have dropped a driver onto the system. These risks might be invisible to Windows or other security software, but can be detected and removed by AntiVirus 2007.

Norton AntiVirus secures your computer with 3 unique types of scans.

  • The Preinstall Scan spots and cleans up spyware, infections and worms on a currently infected system. The boosted pre-install scan now spots and gets rid of high-risk spyware prior to AntiVirus is even installed.
  • QuickScan runs undetectably after you receive brand-new virus definitions from Norton. QuickScan assists make sure that your computer is fully protected versus even the newest risks. QuickScan has actually now expanded to browse for other locations on the system such as "My Documents" and other locations of common infection.
  • Full Scan is a full-system scan that now includes a foreground and background throttling mode. The background throttling mode performs the scan utilizing less processing power so users can continue dealing with their system without significant efficiency effects.

The Norton Protection Center has actually been entirely redesigned to interact security status just and efficiently. You can search quickly through each drop-down classification to view the status of the classification's security features. Total computer status is constantly visible by means of the Norton Status icon on the taskbar or in the Windows system tray icon.

The enhanced Auto Protect Blocking spots and blocks inbound infections, spyware and unwanted adware risks as they attempt to set up and carry out on your system. Auto Protect Blocking now blocks both risks and high security risks from ever installing on the system. It is constantly running undetectably in the background to secure your computers. The easy "set up and forget" feature keeps you from having to make continuous security choices to keep your computer safe and secured.

Packer assistance has actually likewise been upgraded for 2007 to secure versus virus concealed in compressed files or other masking technology. Lots of virus writers utilize packer tools to package up an infection such that the virus ends up being tough to discover. Sympack will now focus on unpacking the virus so that it can be detected.

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Product Features

Detects and removes viruses, worms and unwanted adware Blocks spyware automatically Prevents virus-infected emails from spreading New Security History lets you review detections and other actions taken by Norton AntiVirus Note: This version of Norton AntiVirus is licensed for 3 users

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