QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition 2009 [OLD VERSION]

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Spend more time on the job and less time on documentation. QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition offers you conventional accounting functions, plus simple, time-saving tools developed for professionals: - Easily turn estimates into billing & purchase orders - Track and print change orders on estimates - Job costing files assist you evaluate your expenses and profitability - Track job expenses quickly as you pay employees, subcontractors, and vendors - The Job Costing Center summarizes your present job information on a single screen - Flexible billing rates permit you to designate various rates to various employees

Premier Industry Edition offers industry-specific functions and financial planning software to take your business to the next level. Screen and acquire insights into your business efficiency. Easily handle consumers, vendor and employee info. Company planning tools are tailored to assist you grow your business.

Developed for professionals. Click to expand.

Developed For Contractors

Track job expenses as you pay providers, subcontractors & employees
Custom-made job expense files permit you to see a task's profitability on a detailed, task-by-task level. You can even see the forecasted expense to finish a task.

Quickly turn estimates into billings & POs
With a couple of clicks you can convert your estimates into billings and purchase orders as tasks development. No requirement to retype information-- QuickBooks does it for you.

Track & print change orders on estimates
As a task modifications, just get in change orders into the price quote so that you can keep track of the modifications, and the influence on the bottom line. Change orders are consisted of on documents you print for your consumer so that there are not a surprises at the end of the job.

Appoint various billing rates for various types of employees
You can set a fixed per hour rate for each employee or produce customized per hour rates by service.

Job Costing Center quickly reveals job expenses & profitability
Examine the Job Costing Center for an instantaneous reading of how you're doing on your present tasks. See a summary of key information for your tasks including which tasks are most and least profitable, all in a single window.

Quickly turn estimates into billings & POs. Click to expand.

Track & print change orders on estimates. Click to expand.

Appoint various billing rates for various types of employees. Click to expand.

Lower data entry by downloading your bank & charge card transactions into QuickBooks. Click to expand.

Create purchase orders. Click to expand.

Generate files with one click to see how your business is doing. Click to expand.

Handle payroll & payroll taxes; offer Direct Deposit (paid membership needed). Click to expand.

Track financial information in one location

Track sales & costs
Get rid of the stacks of documentation. Easily get in consumer payments & expenses from vendors. Given that QuickBooks arranges everything in one location, you'll have the ability to access all previous payments & expenses for each consumer and vendor with just a couple of clicks.

Pay expenses & print checks
Easily produce and print checks. Aggregate all your checks to be paid and print them in one batch. QuickBooks will keep track of each check so you can keep tabs on where your money is going.

Create & e-mail billings
Make use of the data you currently have in QuickBooks-- such as consumer contact info & products/services-- making creating invoiced a snap. Select from pre-designed QuickBooks design templates or tailor the layout yourself.

Arrange data on consumers, vendors, and employees all in one location
No more searching through stacks of files or attempting to remember where you stowed away that essential paper. QuickBooks arranges all your essential small company information in one location, offering you simple access to a total photo of your business.

Import data from Excel, Quicken/ Quicken for Mac, and Microsoft Office Accounting
Stand up and running quickly by importing data from the tool you use to track your financial resources now. However little or much data you currently have, you won't need to start over from scratch.

Conserve time & be more efficient

Lower data entry by downloading your bank & charge card transactions into QuickBooks
Conserve time and prevent data entry errors. Rather of typing in your bank and charge card transactions, download them firmly from over 3000 getting involved banks and quickly import them into QuickBooks.

Get in expenses and set due-date reminders
QuickBooks assists you ensure you pay your expenses on time. Record expenses as they come and set a suggestion making sure you pay prior to the due date.

Export data into Excel
Export data from QuickBooks files to Excel spreadsheets so that you can do more complex analysis or graphing in Excel.

Track international sales & costs with numerous currency support
QuickBooks supports all worldwide currencies and does all the currency calculations for you. You can even download currency exchange rate or do wire transfers from right in QuickBooks.

Handle products & inventory

Create purchase orders
You can produce purchase orders in seconds by selecting from vendors and inventory currently in your QuickBooks. When you get the inventory in-house and record it in QuickBooks, QuickBooks will remember you have an open order and instantly match the PO to the inventory bill.

Track inventory
Easily track your inventory to prevent overbuying and backorders. Indicate re-order points for each inventory desirable and turn on reminders to instantly let you understand when its time to reorder.

Advanced Tools to track raw & completed products
QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions assist you address your more intricate inventory & product management requires including: tracking both basic materials & completed products, changing inventory as you creating expenses of material (BOMs), and getting inventory in one unit of measure and selling in another.

Screen efficiency & gain insights

Generate files with one click to see how your business is doing
Get pre-designed, adjustable business files to acquire insights into your business. See all readily available files in one screen to quickly select the ideal one. Drill down with one click to see the detail behind the numbers. Export any file to Excel-- your QuickBooks format and solutions opt for it. Access industry-specific files In QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions.

Create budget plans to keep your business on track
Create a working budget instantly, based upon your recent spending history. Change figures separately or across line items. The spreadsheet-style format makes it simple to see the results of your modifications. Refer back to the budget to see how your real spending compares to your initial budget.

Get a real-time picture of your business, in one central place with the Company Snapshot
Stay on top of your business- see who owes you money, who you owe money to, essential reminders, and income/expense efficiency, all in one centralized place

Easily produce a business plan; Forecast sales and costs
Develop a professional business plan quickly by responding to step-by-step questions. QuickBooks completes the numbers based upon your QuickBooks data. You can export the projections to Excel for more analysis or save it as a PDF file. Click a button to produce a projection of income and costs for the coming year, based upon your existing QuickBooks data. Boost or reduce line items by any portion to change for future modifications.

Handle Employees

Handle payroll & payroll taxes; offer Direct Deposit (paid membership needed)
Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Services, QuickBooks Payroll for Mac powered by PayCycle, and Payroll for QuickBooks Online save you time by removing actions and offering you the tools to obtain your payroll done right.

Automatically populate and print 1099s for independent professionals and federal filing
Create and print 1099 tax kinds for you and your independent professionals.

Track employee time and costs. Click to expand.

Track consumer information and related transactions. Click to expand.

Work all at once with other QuickBooks users on your company file. Click to expand.

Ask questions and get answers from experts and other small companies like you, through Live Community, right in QuickBooks. Click to expand.

Track time & billing

Track employee time and costs
Track time by employee, service, and consumer with timesheets in QuickBooks. When you pick a customer to bill, QuickBooks instantly reminds you of unbilled time and costs for that customer.

Appoint various billing rates for various types of employees
QuickBooks offers the flexibility of setting various billing rates by employee and service type. You can set a fixed per hour rate for each employee or produce customized per hour rates by service.

Permit employees to get in billable & non-billable time online, from anywhere with an internet connection
Time tracking is instantly consisted of with QuickBooks Online Plus. Time Tracker for QuickBooks Pro and Premier, an optional membership service, is the fastest, easiest method to gather and record billable and non-billable hours into QuickBooks Pro and Premier for accurate invoicing, payroll and reporting purposes. No more documentation! Workers or professionals only require an internet connection to send billable hours Download timesheets right into QuickBooks with one click.

Attract Customers & Manage Customer Relationships

Track consumer information and related transactions
Keep consumer contact and deal information in QuicKBooks, so you can follow up on past-due accounts and answer consumer demands quicker. See contact information and total deal history for any consumer.

Accept charge card payments right in QuickBooks
Process charge card approvals right in your QuickBooks software. If you use Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Services, the data is instantly taped in QuickBooks when you make a sale. And, it has no teaser rates, no concealed costs, no cancellation costs, and no long-term agreements.

Easily produce a professional site with adjustable design templates and drag-and-drop tools.
Conserve time with easy-to-use site production tools including adjustable design templates, one-click publishing, and site hosting. Everything is consisted of to obtain your site live within minutes. Point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools. Know how well your site is doing with site tracking and data.

Create & tailor professional-looking billings and other kinds with innovative modification tools
Create professional-looking kinds by picking from more than 100 adeptly developed kinds, including billings & sales invoices. You can likewise tailor the design templates by adding your company logo design and tag line to provide your business distinctly to your consumers.

Create sales orders & track back orders
QuickBooks assists you and your consumer keep track of backordered items. Billings, sales orders, and other sales kinds show which items have actually been invoiced, which items have actually been backordered, and the quantities backordered.

Set price levels
QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions assist you address your more intricate rates needs such as customize costs for various groups of consumers or tasks (i.e. corporate, loyal, high-volume, and so on) with more price levels (approximately 100).

Numerous Users & Multiple Locations

Work all at once with other QuickBooks users on your company file
Multiple-user capability enables more than one person to deal with a business file at the exact same time, increasing partnership and productivity. It makes sure that all users are dealing with the most updated data.

Set individual access levels for each user
Restrict access for other users to only particular parts of your QuickBooks data so that employees only see the data they require to get their work done. For QuickBooks Pro and Premier, you can limit access to 9 broad categories. QuickBooks Online Plus and Enterprise Solutions limit access on a more in-depth level to particular tasks and information. Tailor each user's access level to view-only, produce, modify, erase, print or any mix thereof for Enterprise Solutions.

Actual time remote multi-location access service consisted of
Access your QuickBooks data from another location. Remote access is instantly constructed into your QuickBooks Online membership, so there's no requirement to send out files back and forth. For QuickBooks Pro and Premier, stand up to 1 year complimentary access to your QuickBooks data through WebEx. You can use Windows Terminal Services with Enterprise Solutions to permit password-protected access by licensed users.

Support for your product & data

Ask questions and get answers from experts and other small companies like you, through Live Community, right in QuickBooks
Ask a Question: Ask QuickBooks users like you for aid on anything from the best ways to use QuickBooks to the best ways to grow your business. Chances are, another person has actually had the exact same question you do. Discover Answers: See exactly what others are discussing. You will have the ability to see Questions & Answers relevant to exactly what you're searching for, so you can find your answer immediately. Help Others: Give recommendations and share your very own knowledge of QuickBooks.

Market Specific Features

Create adjustable files developed for your market
Access over 150 industry-specific files In QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions such as:-- Profitability by Product for production and wholesale companies-- Job/ Project Costs for professional services firms & contracting companies-- Donor Contribution Summary for not-for-profit companies-- Sales Tax Liability for retail companies.

Ready operating quickly. Click to expand.

Step by action coaching for new users. Click to expand.

Learn QuickBooks quickly with built-in tutorials. Click to expand.

Discover answers quickly. Click to expand.

Link with other QuickBooks users and experts. Click to expand.

Easily Get Started

Import Data from Excel
Excel design templates make it simple for you to import your existing consumers, vendors, or product information into QuickBooks. You can likewise designate each column in your existing Excel spreadsheet to a corresponding QuickBooks column. Conserve these settings to use again the next time you wish to pull in data. You can even preview your data prior to you move it.

Import Data from Quicken, Peachtree, and Microsoft Office Accounting
Access the Quicken conversion tool in QuickBooks to convert your data from Quicken 1998 through 2007. If you are currently running your business using Peachtree 2001-2008, Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006, and Microsoft Office Accounting/Office Accounting Express, you can likewise quickly convert your data into QuickBooks 2009.

Get Set Up and Running Quickly
Respond to a couple of standard questions, and get a personalized setup you can change at any time.

Step-by-step Coaching for New Users to Help you Learn QuickBooks Faster
Stand up to speed on QuickBooks quickly. The QuickBooks Coach guides you step by action, so you can learn the best ways to use QuickBooks functions quicker and explore QuickBooks as you enter your data.

Learn QuickBooks Quickly with Built-in Tutorials
Learn QuickBooks abilities as you require them-- in your very own time, at your very own rate. The built-in Learning Center offers short tutorials on standard and innovative functions to assist you get the most from QuickBooks.

Upgrade your QuickBooks Effortlessly
Easily move your existing data file into QuickBooks 2009. Your company file and choices will move instantly. In just a couple of actions, you can start operating in QuickBooks utilizing your information, including consumer lists, vendor lists, balances, and inventory lists.

Get Help When You Need It

Discover Answers Fast
Help capability allows you to find the information you require quickly and quickly. You'll find answers to many questions in QuickBooks in-product, onscreen Help. Type a question, select from a list of topics, or search by keyword.

Link with Other QuickBooks Users and Experts to Get Help and Share Ideas
Link with a dynamic neighborhood of QuickBooks users, QuickBooks experts, accounting professionals, and Intuit employees. Immediate access to a wealth of questions and answers to aid with QuickBooks and small company issues.


With QuickBooks files, you'll always understand where your business stands. See who owes you money and how much. Discover who your best consumers are and exactly what they're purchasing. Learn where your business is profitable and where you're losing money. You can likewise tailor file design templates to best fulfill your needs.

QuickBooks Premier Reports

  • Earnings & Loss Standard
    How much money did my company make or lose over a certain time period?

  • Stock Stock Status by Vendor
    What is the in-depth information about each inventory product, organized by vendor?

  • Purchases by Item Summary
    For each product or service, how numerous has my company bought, and exactly what is the overall quantity invested?

  • A/P Aging Detail
    Which expenses are due and overdue?

  • Earnings & Loss Budget Performance
    How do the real income and costs compare with exactly what has been allocated for the present month and year?

  • Declaration of Cash Flows
    What was the money inflow (from earnings and extra money received) and money outflow (money invested) during a certain time period?

  • Income Tax Detail
    What transactions comprise each quantity on my company's income tax kinds?

  • Forecast Overview
    What are my company's forecasted income and costs every month?

  • Forecast vs. Actual
    How did my company's forecast compare to its real efficiency?

  • Closing Date Exception Report
    What modifications were made after the last closing date was set to transactions dated on or prior to that closing date?

  • Open Sales Orders by Customer
    What are the open sales orders for each consumer or job?

QuickBooks Premier-- Contractor Reports

The following extra files are readily available when you pick the Contractor version during the setup of Premier Edition.
  • Job Profitability Detail
    See which parts of the job are money-makers, and where you require to keep a tight lid on expenses.

  • Costs Not Assigned to a Job
    Service provider Edition right away determines expenses that require to be assigned to a task. With a click, you can categorize them properly so you earn money every dollar you're due.

  • Cost to Complete by Job Detail
    See how much it will cost you to finish a task. This file likewise reveals you how you're doing compared with your estimated expenses, and the anticipated expense to finish each task.

  • Job Estimates vs Actuals Detail
    Precise estimating is one of the keys to success for any professional. With Contractor Edition, you'll have the ability to compare your real job expenses to your estimated expenses, either at a summary level for all tasks, or at a detailed level for a specific job.

  • Job Status
    Keep your job status information in one location. See where you base on each job you've bid so you understand exactly what your pipeline of new tasks resembles, and whether or not you can take on new business.

  • Job Costs by Job and Vendor Summary
    You can run files to see your job expenses by vendor, and which vendors still require to be paid.

  • Billed/Unbilled Hours by Person and Activity
    With Contractor Edition, you will always understand where you base on billable hours. Files right away determine which hours have actually been billed, which have not, and which hours are unbillable. See data by person, by person and job, or by person and activity.

Product Features

Easily turn estimates into invoice & purchase orders Job costing reports help you analyze your costs and profitability The Job Costing Center summarizes your current job information on a single screen Flexible billing rates allow you to assign different rates to different employees Track job costs easily as you pay employees, subcontractors, and vendors

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