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WAW is an unique video game idea which focuses on replicating in one single system ALL disputes throughout the world (and beyond) from Prehistoric times to nowadays, from grand massive wars to asymmetrical disputes. And it will work also on non-historical, alternate history, great or SF titles. The key is making use of a single system of rules and scenarios which operates in all cases.Why? Due to the fact that we

want players to find out rules only as soon as, get positive and at ease with them, and after that invest all their time with the titles in the collection in a quick and uncomplicated way ... for instance, the battle screen will be comparable throughout the games, and hence will require almost no adjustment for enjoying it in a new game!Practically, a few

minutes are required to check out the particular homes and content of a new situation and you can leap best in!The Main Game Features consists of:

Game is turn-based, utilizing

  • the I GO U GO system, each player taking one side(sides include sometimes more than one nation). The map is divided into numerous regions,
  • with various surfaces and sometimes structures (ports, fortresses, airports ...), and potentially income sources when necessary.When maintenance and purchase of forces is required, or to get
  • brand-new event cards, a basic earnings system is activated.Combat units may be from the land, marine or air domains. You will find various types, such as infantry, cavalry, artillery, guerrillas, submarines, flat tops, fighters, elephants, anti-aircraft batteries, etc ... All of which can be integrated into various stacks for simple handling.Leaders are essential in the video game, as they have 3 main usages: first they give bonus to the base fight worths of their stacks, second their morale worths are use to examine victory or defeat levels, and last but not least they are necessary to release attacks on the enemy.Two opposing stacks in the same region produce a battle, which is resolved in a semi-tactical method in two succeeding rounds. The video game automatically calculates
  • the various bonus and charges of sides, their particular morale levels, permits for event cards play, and they each fight system of each side shoots simultaneously(for the most parts)at the enemy.Losses are taken in terms of hits and panics. The ethical level of the preliminary army impacted by the losses and worries suffered, which in turn may cause rout, pursuit and breakthroughs.Multiple Events Cards packs are granted
  • to each side, that they will utilize to affect all elements of the video game, such as alliances, earnings, movement, weather, management, number and quality of soldiers and lastly lots of tactical
  • elements for the fights. This guarantees both a genuine unpredictability in the video game and an excellent replayability potential. The scale modifications according to scenarios. A ground fight system could be only a basic battalion or an entire army. An area may represent a few square miles or an entire nation. And similarly, a video game turn could be just a few hours or up

    to lots of years!Game permits for coverage of various'areas' of play, such as land, sea, air or external space ...! Essentially, all titles in the Classic collection have an affordable playing time and a restricted number of units and cards, making them both enjoyable and fast to play.The Expanded collection is more ambitious, usually doubling the scope of the Classic one.WAW basically uses two collections, the Classic( brief video game

    play time, a hundred approximately units, 3 lots of event cards, a video game map comparable to about 2 video game screens)and the Expanded(double size more or less from the Classic). Each collection will require a base pack to run (offering the engine, 3 games and the editor), and you will be able to get also thematic packs (4 games on the same topic/ region) in addition to the independent video game scenarios. The base pack, WAW'CLASSIC' is delivered with 3 various styles (and after that lots of DLCs ): HASTINGS 1066, opposing Normans, Vikings ands Saxons to claim the crown of England.SARATOGA 1777, the battle that changed the course of the War of Independence.NORMANDIE 1944, the most well-known landing operation on the beaches of France.The advanced pack, WAW'EXPANDED'variation of the engine uses larger maps, more units, generals, playing cards and occasions. It is delivered also with 3 styles: AUSTERLITZ 1805, Napoleon's most well-known project; BERLIN 1945, the fall of the Nazis versus the Soviets; and KOREA 1950, the most popular conflict of the

  • 'Cold'war!WAW will operate in French, English, Spanishh, German and Russian. Other languages following according to demand.First variation is in solo mode and hot seat; e-mail and multiplayer should be coming late 2017. Monthly, a new situation will be released!PC Minimum System Requirements: PC Recommended System Requirements: Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Dual Core RAM: 2 GB RAM Hard drive: 750 MB offered space Video Card: 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 9600 Supported OS:
  • Windows 8, Windows 7 Mac Minimum System Requirements: Mac Recommended System Requirements: Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Dual Core RAM: 2 GB RAM Hard drive: 750 MB offered space Video Card: 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 9600 Supported OS: Mac Mavericks 10.9

Product Features

Game is turn-based, using the I GO U GO system, each player taking one side (sides involve sometimes more than one nation). The map is divided into numerous regions, with various terrains and sometimes structures (ports, fortresses, airports ...), and potentially sources of income when necessary.

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